Sunday, April 28, 2013

CRH 4/28/2013: End of April Wheat Harvest!

Today was probably my last CRH hunt of April so I tried to make it reasonably large. I was able to secure the following from a handful of different source banks:
  • $140 in Quarter rolls
  • $360 in Dime rolls (including a sealed box of dimes)
  • $40 in Nickel rolls
  • $20 in Penny rolls
Total:  $560 in rolled coins!
Needless to say I was pretty excited with all of the awesome coinage I was going to find while hunting these rolls! I had a pretty good sample of different rolls and different banks supplying them -- usually a recipe for success.

My silver luck continued to be pretty poor. Out of all of the potential rolls of silver-bearing denominations, not a single silver was to be found. Since silver is my main target when searching, this was a little saddening, but searching the $20 penny rolls was fairly successful. I found 32 wheat pennies total, all from the 1940's and 1950's. That's certainly really good for pennies and well above my average wheat haul, but the values on most wheats are pretty low. Nonetheless, I keep them in my wheat jar in case someone wants to trade for them.

2 of the rolls were pretty good. They only had coins from the 70's and earlier. One of those rolls yielded 14 wheat cents while the other yielded a mere 9 wheaties!

Wheat pennies found searching bank coin rolls for wheat, wheat lincoln penny find CRH
Wheat Pennies from the '40s and '50s Coin Roll Hunting Find 4/28/2013

This brings my annual wheat cent count to 40 found coins.

Next, to return these ~7000 coins to my dump bank, which features an automatic coin-counting machine and is a real life-saver. Imagine rolling all of those coins....... no thanks!

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