Sunday, April 21, 2013

CRH 4/21/2013 : Mixed Hunt nabs 1 Silver!

Hoping to get some better luck than I had in the last trip, I grabbed like $200 in coins from my source bank. I really wanted to get penny rolls but it turned out that they didn't have any that they could share with me. They did have some rolls of half dollars, so I eagerly snapped those up.  Here's a peek at what I was able to get hold of in order to search. There's $135 in dimes, $40 in halves and $20 in quarters.
Bank Coin Rolls for Coin Roll Hunting looking for silver coins Big Game CRH
Going to Coin Roll Hunt $195 in Coins! 4/21/2013

All in all, the quarters and the halves were pretty skunky. I don't even think I got any "Not Intended for Circulation (NIFC)" halves. Mediocre results are pretty typical for both quarters and half dollar rolls -- it's not incredibly common to pull silvers, but if you're lucky enough to do so, the return is pretty high.

This source bank was the bank that gave me the Cointainer rolls with the extra dime in them. That trend apparently continued, with at least a few of the paper rolls containing some extra dimes. This time, I was also lucky enough to grab a nice 1948 90% Silver Roosevelt as well! That pretty much made this small search worth it.That brings my silver count since 4/10 to 11 silvers, including a 90% silver half teller find. Not too shabby! I've searched over $1,300 since then. Steadily working toward my goal of $30,000 searched by year end.

1948 silver dime found searching coin rolls for silver
1948 Silver Roosevelt Dime Coin Roll Hunting Find 4/21/2013

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