Saturday, December 22, 2012

CRH 12/22/2012 : 6 silver, 1943d Merc!

Hi guys,

Finally got through the 3 boxes of dimes, 1 box of nickels, 1 box of pennies and 1 box of Nickels I blogged about earlier this week and here are the results:
  • Quarters : Some State Parks, otherwise skunked!
  • Nickels: Total Skunk (Pee - yew!!!!)
  • Pennies: Some wheats/coppers that went right into appropriate jars....
  • Dimes: out of $750 dimes, 6 silvers including a 1943d Mercury dime!
Silver Dimes Coin Roll Hunting CRH results silver dimes 1943d Mercury Dime

No silvers pitched out of the machine on the return, but I was gifted with an extra 2 pennies overage from the coin counting machine. Bonus win!: The bank gives me a free gift if I can guess the amount of coins within $1.99 and I won a free bank hand sanitizer. Might need that next time after going through all of those coins again. #crhfingers

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Big Coin Roll Hunt! 6 Boxes!

I set out hunting in 3 boxes of Dimes, 1 Box of Quarters, 1 Box of Pennies and a full box of Nickels. I'm willing to bet I have some pretty good stuff in here! I'll post what I find once I go through them all.

Stay Tuned!

Coin Roll Hunting coin boxes -- searching for silver and collectible coins!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gold Obama Coin CRH Find

You never know what you might find when coin roll hunting! This time it was one of those 24k gold plated commemorative Obama half dollars. They're not worth anything over face value since the artwork on the front is essentially a painted sticker and real coin collectors aren't interested in them. I'll probably release this one back into circulation and let the next collector discover it.

It looks like the coin is actually a 2008 minted half dollar, so I guess this counts as a NIFC half!

Front Obverse 24k Gold plated Obama half dollar commemorative coin found coin roll hunting half dollar coin rolls from bank
Obverse of 24k gold commemorative Obama Half Dollar found Coin Roll Hunting
Back Reverse 24k plated Gold Obama half dollar commemorative coin found coin roll hunting half dollar coin rolls from bank
Reverse of 24k gold plated commemorative Obama Half Dollar found Coin Roll Hunting

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hello World! Coin Roll Hunting Blog?!?!?!

Hello World!

I'm kicking off this blog to share some of the stories and statuses of one of my main hobbies that's making me rich, one roll at a time! Best of all, it's essentially free to do it and VERY easily generates income. It's called coin roll hunting and it's both easy and therapeutic to do in your spare time.

Over the last few years I've been visiting banks and credit unions to collect coin rolls which I then search for valuable silver or collectible coins. After removing anything of value, I simply return the "normal" coins back to the bank and redeem all of my money that I spent. That, folks, is a low cost investment. I'm essentially buying the coins for the face value written on the coin. Imagine buying a $12 silver coin for 50 cents or a $3 coin for 10 cents. With most common silver coins having silver to face value ratios of >20:1 (meaning that they are worth more than 20x their face value) you can see where the money comes from.

I've probably found 1,000 coins over the last 2-3 years, but I'm stepping my game up and thought you'd like to join me on my journey. I'm going to start keeping track of my finds and how many coins I've gone through. Unfortunately,I'm only starting to document my hunts as of mid April 2013. (For those of you realizing that this post is earlier than that - I've posted this with an older date)

My goal is to search $30,000 of coins this by the end of the year, posting most of my amazing finds on this blog. Do you think I can make it? I also aim to share some of my best coin roll hunting tips with all of my followers!

Join me on my journey to uncover the incredible value hidden in circulating coins today!