Sunday, August 31, 2014

8/31/2014: Still hitting the Silver!

As you have probably noticed, I haven't been doing  as great of a job of keeping this blog updated in the past few months. I haven't really been coin roll hunting very much in 2014 so the finds haven't really been blog-worthy.  We're also nowhere near my previous goals of searching >$30,000 a year in coins and figured that the readers wouldn't be interested in my tiny $150 a week searches that I've been doing. That's Small Game Coin Roll Hunting. This is Big Game Coin Roll Hunting and those small searches belong on someone else's blog!

But even searching a few rolls a week can yield some pretty cool finds, especially my favorites: silver dimes!  I've found quite a few silver mercury dimes recently, but here are my most recent Roosevelt silver dime finds that I pulled from some customer-wrapped rolls.

As of this post, the value of a silver dime is a lowly $1.40.

1964 and 1959 silver dimes found coin roll hunting
1964 and 1959 Silver Dimes found Coin Roll Hunting