Friday, July 26, 2013

CRH 7/25/2013 : Brinks Half Dollar Cube Silver Loophole!

Now, I've been coin roll hunting for a year or so before starting this blog and even though I always ask for half dollars whenever I'm at the bank I've never really had success searching half dollar boxes. I've tried many times, but I never really came up with anything worthwhile besides a heavy load of half dollars and a pile of clad Kennedy coins covered in up to 25 unique hunter's markings. Nonetheless, I placed my order for a box and figured I'd try it in my new city that I live in.

I picked up my super heavy box of half dollars at the branch closest to where I work and carried them over. From a quick display of my Google-fu, a box of half dollars weighs about 25lbs! Not exactly the heaviest thing ever, but it was a bit uncomfortable to carry down the street. I always keep my coins and boxes concealed since it says the monetary value in big bold letters on the side of the box for all to see. This bank uses Brinks as a supplier, which features clear rolls on the smaller denominations and a neat little cube half dollar box. I have heard rumors that Brinks is removing the silver from the coins that they sort, but my finds last week indicated that it's really not the case and you can still find silver in Brinks' coin boxes. Here's a photo of the cube box that I sorted through.

Brinks Half Dollar Coin Box $500 half dollar cube
$500 Brinks Half Dollar Box for Coin Roll Hunting

I must admit that the cube box design is a lot better than the longer, flatter box that some coin box suppliers are using, such as the N.F. String boxes from Loomis. The Brinks half dollar coin roll boxes stack the rolls in 2 layers so the box is much shorter and easier to store. The only downside is that you can't count the rolls without opening the box. The inside of the box has some instructions for how to open the plastic rolls, but the half dollars are actually housed in paper rolls. Go figure. He's an image I was able to search out on TreasureNet. It's just like mine!

Brinks $500 Half Dollar Box without plastic rolls
Brinks $500 Half Dollar Box without plastic rolls
 I searched through the rolls and thought I was going to be skunked yet again. The good sign was that I wasn't seeing nearly any coin roll hunter markings which leads me to think that the rolls weren't being hit as hard in my region. In all of my coins I was able to uncover a 40% silver 1968 D half dollar, which is my first ever silver half dollar coin roll hunting find that I pulled from a roll! So you actually CAN find silver half dollars in coin rolls. Those "5 magic words for free bank silver" guys aren't just pulling your leg that the half dollars are really the denomination to search! Here's a photo of my lucky find! For some reason the 1968 half dollars keep finding their way to me!

1968D 40% silver half dollar found coin roll hunting for silver loophole
1968D 40% silver half dollar find Coin Roll Hunting - Silver Loophole!

That brings me to silver number 47 for my retirement since April!

Monday, July 22, 2013

CRH 7/22/2013 : Clear Wrapper Brinks Box Results!

I made a trip over to a bank branch near my workplace for yet another coin roll hunting adventure on my lunch break. In my last few visits there I noticed that they always have a stock of those Brinks clear plastic coin wrappers, but I haven't been able to land any silver coins. I'm thinking there might be a sniping teller there getting the easy pickin's from the clear rolls and never passing them onto the customers. I was determined to make that change today.... by buying a whole box. They can't take what they can't see!

After work I tore open the Brinks box and quickly skimmed all of the rolls through nice, easy to search clear plastic wrappers. In total, it took about 2 minutes to search the entire box and locate the one lonely silver through the clear plastic roll: dead center in the middle of the dime roll. I could immediately tell it was a US silver dime because the reeding was a bit less pronunced than the typical Canadian dimes that you'll come across while coin roll hunting.

Coin Roll Hunting Dimes in Clear Brinks Wrappers in clear wrapper Brinks box
Coin Roll Hunting for Silver in Clear Dime Wrappers -- Easy to Spot the Silver!

When I popped open the dime roll and worked my way to silver I found yet another 1964 US silver dime! I'm sure finding a lot of these lately! Silver coin number 46.

1964 Silver Dime Find Coin Roll Hunting Clear Plastic Dime Rolls
5 Magic Words for Free Silver from the Bank - Found another 1964 Silver Dime !

The best part is that the bank told me that they could order me boxes of half dollars so don't be shocked if I start seriously hunting half dollar rolls in the near future. That's the first bank in my area that would be willing to order them for me so I'll have to take them up on their offer.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

CRH 7/13/2013 : Two More Silver Dimes!

I'm back at it once again! I made a quick run down to my dump bank to deposit about $380 of already searched coinage and then made my way to other 3 of my "Big 4" banks.  These are banks in a somewhat wealthier part of town that caters to an older crowd and I've signed up for accounts at all of them. I can dump at my dump bank (with the coin return machine) and then walk about 50 yards to a cluster of 3 totally great source banks. There are a lot of really good finds in this area, but apparently there's a fair bit of competition from other coin roll hunters.

First, my receipt from dumping my coins in the coin machine. Some good variety there, but you can definitely tell I'm a fan of the dimes. Hey, I like me some silver!

receipt from coin coin counting machine coin roll hunting dump
Receipt from my coin roll hunting dump into a coin machine. Lots of dimes!
The best thing is that I'm moving to that neighborhood in about 2 weeks! That's real coin roll hunter dedication!

Anyway, I slipped into my first bank and grabbed $9 in cents. I found a number of wheat cents, but the coolest ones were a 1950 S and a 1955. I looked extra closely and it wasn't a doubled die. Finding a 1955 doubled die would have certainly made my day! Alas.

I moved onto my next bank, which is a branch that I haven't been into very often and found that they didn't have any half dollars. While I was waiting, a guy next to me asked as if they had any "funny money" and then spouted off a list of things like Kennedy 50 cent pieces and $2 bills. Luckily for him, I had 10 $2 bills in my pocket. We kindly traded bills and moved on our way. Competition is about!

I moved onto my last bank and waited in line while 2 people asked for half dollars in front of me. The competition is really tough here! When I got to the teller, all I could get was $150 in CWR dimes. After searching through them in about 10 minutes I'd uncovered 2 silvers: 1954 and a very dirty 1964. The '54 silver dime has a very nice white coloration to it, like you'd expect on a silver coin, but boy is that 64 ugly!

1954 and 1964 silver dimes found coin roll hunting in bank change finding silver
CRH 07/13/2013 : Finding Silver Dimes in Bank Roll Change! 1954 and 1964 Dimes

Total silver count at an even 45 since April!

Monday, July 1, 2013

The 5 Magic Words for Free Silver Coins

If you're a reader on my blog then you're already in on the secret for scoring free silver coins from the bank: coin roll hunting. Today I heard an advertisement on the radio for someone looking to make money by sharing the secret with you. That's great for them, but I do it for free!

Their little spiel is that that they will teach you the "5 magic words for scoring free silver coins at the bank". In honor of them, I thought we could think what those 5 magic words for coin roll hunting might be. I never paid for their lessons and neither should you!

Some quick ideas that came to mind:
Photo of Silver Coins
What are your 5 Magic Words To Get Free Silver Coins?

1. "Can I have a box?"
2. "Do you have half dollars?"
3. "Gimme all da silver now!"
4. "Heck yeah I'll take silver!'
5. "I'll take that in silver."
6. "How many rolls is that?"
7. "I know the secret words!"

I gotta run now but please add your own in the comments below and be sure to check out my latest coin roll hunting journeys here!