Monday, July 1, 2013

The 5 Magic Words for Free Silver Coins

If you're a reader on my blog then you're already in on the secret for scoring free silver coins from the bank: coin roll hunting. Today I heard an advertisement on the radio for someone looking to make money by sharing the secret with you. That's great for them, but I do it for free!

Their little spiel is that that they will teach you the "5 magic words for scoring free silver coins at the bank". In honor of them, I thought we could think what those 5 magic words for coin roll hunting might be. I never paid for their lessons and neither should you!

Some quick ideas that came to mind:
Photo of Silver Coins
What are your 5 Magic Words To Get Free Silver Coins?

1. "Can I have a box?"
2. "Do you have half dollars?"
3. "Gimme all da silver now!"
4. "Heck yeah I'll take silver!'
5. "I'll take that in silver."
6. "How many rolls is that?"
7. "I know the secret words!"

I gotta run now but please add your own in the comments below and be sure to check out my latest coin roll hunting journeys here!


  1. Great idea! I'll give it a try.

    A.G.'s good for me!

  2. How about "I'll take it in coins"

  3. "Making Money at the Bank"......that's what I say!

  4. The tellers Ive asked look at me like Im nuts,,,

  5. Thanks, guys! Always great to chat with fellow coin roll hunters.

  6. "I love coin roll hunting!"

  7. I tried to watch the video for these ads the other day. It was pretty dumb. They must be selling this info though because I hear the ads on the talk radio station almost daily.

    1. You may have seen the "This comment was deleted by the blog admin". That was one of the spammer's trying to link to his video on here!

  8. A local $1 store got 6 rolls of Silver Quarters in their change for business from a local bank. I overheard a clerk saying that they had some really old quarters that they were giving out in change. Only had three full rolls left in the store, which I was able to trade for three rolls of other quarters. They didn't care that they were silver or not they just needed the quarters for change. Oldest in the three rolls was 1923. Sold them all for $386. That for an investment of $30 in rolled quarters.