Tuesday, April 30, 2013

CRH 4/30/2013: Final April Coin Roll Hunt!

Ok guys, so I lied about the wheat harvest being the last post of the month! I was able to get away from work a bit earlier than expected so I grabbed a full box of machine-rolled quarters ($500 value) and $100 in dimes on my way home.

Quarters continued to be lackluster. I found some state park quarters, which I have been keeping, but otherwise the quarter rolls were not in my favor. Not exactly unexpected, but I'd like to live the dream again. Luckily, my old standby dimes came through for me to give me my 14th silver of the year! (since 4/10)

1953 Silver Roosevelt Dime found Coin Roll Hunting CRH
1953 Silver Roosevelt Dime found Coin Roll Hunting 4/30/2013

Sunday, April 28, 2013

CRH 4/28/2013: End of April Wheat Harvest!

Today was probably my last CRH hunt of April so I tried to make it reasonably large. I was able to secure the following from a handful of different source banks:
  • $140 in Quarter rolls
  • $360 in Dime rolls (including a sealed box of dimes)
  • $40 in Nickel rolls
  • $20 in Penny rolls
Total:  $560 in rolled coins!
Needless to say I was pretty excited with all of the awesome coinage I was going to find while hunting these rolls! I had a pretty good sample of different rolls and different banks supplying them -- usually a recipe for success.

My silver luck continued to be pretty poor. Out of all of the potential rolls of silver-bearing denominations, not a single silver was to be found. Since silver is my main target when searching, this was a little saddening, but searching the $20 penny rolls was fairly successful. I found 32 wheat pennies total, all from the 1940's and 1950's. That's certainly really good for pennies and well above my average wheat haul, but the values on most wheats are pretty low. Nonetheless, I keep them in my wheat jar in case someone wants to trade for them.

2 of the rolls were pretty good. They only had coins from the 70's and earlier. One of those rolls yielded 14 wheat cents while the other yielded a mere 9 wheaties!

Wheat pennies found searching bank coin rolls for wheat, wheat lincoln penny find CRH
Wheat Pennies from the '40s and '50s Coin Roll Hunting Find 4/28/2013

This brings my annual wheat cent count to 40 found coins.

Next, to return these ~7000 coins to my dump bank, which features an automatic coin-counting machine and is a real life-saver. Imagine rolling all of those coins....... no thanks!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

CRH 4/23/2013 : More Dimes & a Silver Lady!

I was finally able to grab a handful of new dime rolls to search from my of my more successful source banks. I can't really share the details in case I have any local readers, but it's a location that's part of one of the major chains. I'm not a customer there since their account offerings are total trash, but the coins are nice so there's that.

I was only able to carry $230 in dimes and $10 in pennies back from the bank. It turns out that at least some of my penny rolls are filled with freshly minted 2013 coins, so these are likely going to be handed right to my dump bank without even getting cracked. Right now I've only opened 4 penny rolls and found a single 1953D wheat penny so far.

I did have a chance to get through all of the dime rolls, though. Even though I didn't exactly find a lot of silver coins in this haul, I did get an absolutely gorgeous 1942 silver mercury dime! I don't have a loupe, but I squinted extra, extra hard and sadly it's not a 1941/1942 overdate. I'll try to see if I can get a pic with my DSLR camera sometime, but you'll just have to accept my smartphone camera pic for now. I also got a single 1964 Roosevelt silver dime. That brings my silver count since 4/10 to 13 silver coins!

Coin roll hunting coins find 1942 silver mercury dime 1964 silver dime 1953D wheat penny CRH find
Silvers and Wheat Coin Roll Hunting Finds 4/23/2013

Sunday, April 21, 2013

CRH 4/21/2013 : Mixed Hunt nabs 1 Silver!

Hoping to get some better luck than I had in the last trip, I grabbed like $200 in coins from my source bank. I really wanted to get penny rolls but it turned out that they didn't have any that they could share with me. They did have some rolls of half dollars, so I eagerly snapped those up.  Here's a peek at what I was able to get hold of in order to search. There's $135 in dimes, $40 in halves and $20 in quarters.
Bank Coin Rolls for Coin Roll Hunting looking for silver coins Big Game CRH
Going to Coin Roll Hunt $195 in Coins! 4/21/2013

All in all, the quarters and the halves were pretty skunky. I don't even think I got any "Not Intended for Circulation (NIFC)" halves. Mediocre results are pretty typical for both quarters and half dollar rolls -- it's not incredibly common to pull silvers, but if you're lucky enough to do so, the return is pretty high.

This source bank was the bank that gave me the Cointainer rolls with the extra dime in them. That trend apparently continued, with at least a few of the paper rolls containing some extra dimes. This time, I was also lucky enough to grab a nice 1948 90% Silver Roosevelt as well! That pretty much made this small search worth it.That brings my silver count since 4/10 to 11 silvers, including a 90% silver half teller find. Not too shabby! I've searched over $1,300 since then. Steadily working toward my goal of $30,000 searched by year end.

1948 silver dime found searching coin rolls for silver
1948 Silver Roosevelt Dime Coin Roll Hunting Find 4/21/2013

Saturday, April 20, 2013

CRH 4/20/2013 : Dime Silver Skunks, but Postive Value!

I dropped off my mass of coins from my previous mixed search to my dump bank and picked up $260 of rolled dimes from my source bank. Here's a picture of the coins below.

Coin Roll Hunting Dimes Golden Eagle CRH dime coin rolls
$260 in dime rolls waiting to be searched!
I was able to get quite a few customer wrapped rolls which are typically the best place to get silver or old coins from recently found stashes. Unfortunately on that front, I didn't pull a single silver! However, I was pleasantly surprised that pretty much all of the customer wrapped coin rolls (CWR) had 1 or 2 extra dimes in them. These were in the "Cointainer" coin rolls, so my guess is that the person who submitted them was using some sort of automatic counter that is in need of some calibration. Accuracy on those automatic counters has always concerned me.

The 4 half dollars I was able to get my hands on today weren't special, either! I'm going to try to get some Pennies and Nickels action going for tomorrow so hopefully I can share some cool finds again!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

If you ask, you might get it -- 1964 Half Dollar Teller Find!

Thunderstorms in the area and a late night at work caused me to miss my bank trip today... so I'll share a story that happened about 2 weeks ago.

I was on my way to drop off my coin roll hunt returns when I stopped in my main bank to see if they had any coins I'd be interested in. While I was waiting in line, a gentleman ahead of me asked if they had any half dollars. "Darn it!" I yelled, "You beat me to it. I was going to ask for them!". The man simply laughed and said I could take them and he'd just pick them up next time. To my suprise, the teller only had 2 half dollars, but one of them was pretty special. It's ugly, but a 90% silver half dollar for the mere face value price is a win indeed.

Good thing coin roll hunting takes me into exactly 1.5 million banks!
1964 silver Kennedy half dollar coin roll hunting find
1964 Silver Kennedy Half Dollar from Bank Teller 4/16/2013

Sunday, April 14, 2013

CRH 4/14/2013 : $160 Mixed Search

Today I made a trip to one of my favorite pick up locations -- they're always so excited to see me! Apparently the tellers need to count their coins each night before they leave, and every time I visit them I'm able to take a pretty good amount of their inventory away. We always have such a good time when counting out my awkward coin orders. Today's spontaneous order was $10 nickels, $10 in pennies, and $140 in dimes to round it out.

I was only able to get a lowly single silver dime out of the $140, but was able to find 7 Wheaties out of my pennies. Nickels were a total skunk, but other than my Nickel Book, I only keep key dates and silvers anyway.

Coin Roll Hunting results 7 wheat pennies and a 1953 silver dime
Wheat Cents and Silver Roosevelt Dime found Coin Roll Hunting 4/14/2013

Friday, April 12, 2013

CRH 4/12/2013 : $250 and 4 silvers

Quick post -- searched $250 and got 4 more silvers! The 1948 and 1957 are quite pretty. I love me some toned silver!
Silver Dimes Found Coin Roll Hunting 1948 Dime 1957 Dime
Silver Roosevelt Dimes found Coin Roll Hunting 4/12/2013

 In sad news, I got skunked on $110 of Half Dollars :-(

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

CRH 4/10/2013 : $100 nets Canada Silver

I do my best to try to limit the amount of driving needed to do this coin roll hunting thing since that would eat into the profit that this little machine generates so I walk to the banks when possible. This sometimes limits the amount of coins I can really pick up at one time. I decided to go with $100 at this location since I wasn't really sure how much I could carry in one go.

I peeled open my packs and uncovered these 2 gems:  90% 1961 Roosevelt silver dime and a 1968 Canada 10 cent piece (hey, it's a dime!). I'm usually not very excited to get Canada dimes since they mess up the edge hunting thing, but this one was different! The neat thing about the 1968 Canada 10 cent pieces is that some of them are 50% silver while others are just 99% nickel. This one is one of the 50% silver ones! There's some sweet toning on both of these guys.

Coin Roll Hunting finds 1961 silver Roosevelt dime 1968 Canada 10 cent piece dime