Tuesday, April 23, 2013

CRH 4/23/2013 : More Dimes & a Silver Lady!

I was finally able to grab a handful of new dime rolls to search from my of my more successful source banks. I can't really share the details in case I have any local readers, but it's a location that's part of one of the major chains. I'm not a customer there since their account offerings are total trash, but the coins are nice so there's that.

I was only able to carry $230 in dimes and $10 in pennies back from the bank. It turns out that at least some of my penny rolls are filled with freshly minted 2013 coins, so these are likely going to be handed right to my dump bank without even getting cracked. Right now I've only opened 4 penny rolls and found a single 1953D wheat penny so far.

I did have a chance to get through all of the dime rolls, though. Even though I didn't exactly find a lot of silver coins in this haul, I did get an absolutely gorgeous 1942 silver mercury dime! I don't have a loupe, but I squinted extra, extra hard and sadly it's not a 1941/1942 overdate. I'll try to see if I can get a pic with my DSLR camera sometime, but you'll just have to accept my smartphone camera pic for now. I also got a single 1964 Roosevelt silver dime. That brings my silver count since 4/10 to 13 silver coins!

Coin roll hunting coins find 1942 silver mercury dime 1964 silver dime 1953D wheat penny CRH find
Silvers and Wheat Coin Roll Hunting Finds 4/23/2013


  1. Cool blog. Coin roll hunting is tons of fun especially when you get a nice find. I like searching dimes. Nice job on the merc. Too bad it wasnt the 1941/42. The best place i have found to read others stories is http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/coin-roll-hunting/ if you havent seen that site. good luck! i have to pick me up some before the bank closes

  2. Sweet 1942 Mercury silver dime!