Wednesday, April 10, 2013

CRH 4/10/2013 : $100 nets Canada Silver

I do my best to try to limit the amount of driving needed to do this coin roll hunting thing since that would eat into the profit that this little machine generates so I walk to the banks when possible. This sometimes limits the amount of coins I can really pick up at one time. I decided to go with $100 at this location since I wasn't really sure how much I could carry in one go.

I peeled open my packs and uncovered these 2 gems:  90% 1961 Roosevelt silver dime and a 1968 Canada 10 cent piece (hey, it's a dime!). I'm usually not very excited to get Canada dimes since they mess up the edge hunting thing, but this one was different! The neat thing about the 1968 Canada 10 cent pieces is that some of them are 50% silver while others are just 99% nickel. This one is one of the 50% silver ones! There's some sweet toning on both of these guys.

Coin Roll Hunting finds 1961 silver Roosevelt dime 1968 Canada 10 cent piece dime

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