Saturday, April 20, 2013

CRH 4/20/2013 : Dime Silver Skunks, but Postive Value!

I dropped off my mass of coins from my previous mixed search to my dump bank and picked up $260 of rolled dimes from my source bank. Here's a picture of the coins below.

Coin Roll Hunting Dimes Golden Eagle CRH dime coin rolls
$260 in dime rolls waiting to be searched!
I was able to get quite a few customer wrapped rolls which are typically the best place to get silver or old coins from recently found stashes. Unfortunately on that front, I didn't pull a single silver! However, I was pleasantly surprised that pretty much all of the customer wrapped coin rolls (CWR) had 1 or 2 extra dimes in them. These were in the "Cointainer" coin rolls, so my guess is that the person who submitted them was using some sort of automatic counter that is in need of some calibration. Accuracy on those automatic counters has always concerned me.

The 4 half dollars I was able to get my hands on today weren't special, either! I'm going to try to get some Pennies and Nickels action going for tomorrow so hopefully I can share some cool finds again!

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