Sunday, April 12, 2015

1798 Draped Bust Cent - Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector!

Ok, so this isn't exactly Big Game Coin Roll Hunting, but it does have coins and it's pretty awesome so I figured my visitors would like it.

I've been super busy with grad school and working so I haven't had any time to get back into the CRH world, but it's on the horizon. Trust me on that one.

Here's an awesome metal detecting find that made a few years ago. I found it near the treeline at one of my apartment buildings that I was living in while I lived in upstate NY. It's a 1798 large cent!

 I found it about 8 inches down, which is a bit outside of the accurate range on an Ace 250 - the signal was incredibly weak. Copper is quite reactive so it's pretty heavily corroded from hundreds of years of rainfall. I posted what a mint condition one looks like for reference - you can see the features on the one I dug up! Not gold or silver, but so far my best metal detecting coin find and an awesome piece of American history!  Imagine, the USA was less than 25 years old and George Washington was still alive when this coin was minted!

The coin was heavily damaged so I traded it for a Silver Certificate and a few silver coins from a good friend, so not only did I get an amazing metal detecting find but I also got some cool silver coins!

1798 Large Cent found Metal Detecting!
1798 Large Cent

Sunday, September 7, 2014

9/7/2014: Small Search Yields Silver!

Since it's the kickoff of football season today (see what I did there?), I made a quick stop at my local bank to pick up some coins while I watched the games. On a Sunday! Yes, I just happen to live in a neighborhood with a large population that require banks to be open on Sundays for religious reasons. Having an extra day to get coins is always nice! But, we digress...

I originally wanted to get a box, but the bank only had $50 that they could spare. No problem! I took them and searched them up and found a sweet looking 1960 silver dime!

1960 silver Dime

A couple of days ago I was searching through some cent rolls and came across this guy between the wheat cents that I kept. I'm not sure if it's an error or post mint damage, but then again I only claim to be a coin roll hunter, not a coin expert! That's what social networks are for. Leave your comments below!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

8/31/2014: Still hitting the Silver!

As you have probably noticed, I haven't been doing  as great of a job of keeping this blog updated in the past few months. I haven't really been coin roll hunting very much in 2014 so the finds haven't really been blog-worthy.  We're also nowhere near my previous goals of searching >$30,000 a year in coins and figured that the readers wouldn't be interested in my tiny $150 a week searches that I've been doing. That's Small Game Coin Roll Hunting. This is Big Game Coin Roll Hunting and those small searches belong on someone else's blog!

But even searching a few rolls a week can yield some pretty cool finds, especially my favorites: silver dimes!  I've found quite a few silver mercury dimes recently, but here are my most recent Roosevelt silver dime finds that I pulled from some customer-wrapped rolls.

As of this post, the value of a silver dime is a lowly $1.40.

1964 and 1959 silver dimes found coin roll hunting
1964 and 1959 Silver Dimes found Coin Roll Hunting

Sunday, January 26, 2014

1/16/2014: Laundromat Find!

This really isn't a coin roll hunting find, but when I was doing my laundry at the local laundromat, a shiny little fellow popped out of the quarter change machine. This 1964 silver quarter paid for my laundry!

1964 silver quarter
1964 silver quarter

Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 End of the Year!

So I haven't been posting very much in the last few months as I have had a lot of personal changes and the weather hasn't really been conducive to a very frequent coin roll hunting campaign. Nonetheless, I kept going on.

This year, I've searched ~$12,000 and found 64 silver coins. That was a little bit less than half of my goal of searching $30,000 but I still view the year as successful.

2013 Totals
Value Searched Silvers Found
Half Dollars
$92 0

I'm going to stick with the $30,000 year goal and see if I can finally hit it!

Thanks, everyone and Happy New Year!

Monday, October 28, 2013

CRH 10/24/2013: 1924 Wheat Cent Find

Here's a quick post for all of you penny roll hunters out there! I don't usually search up the cent rolls, but I'll be willing to take them if a banker offers them up - you never know what you might come across. I've also never pulled a Indian Head so eventually I'll get lucky and pull something neat.

I wanted to share one of my more recent cool finds - 1924 wheat penny. It even has a little mark down by where the mint mark would be, but it's definitely not a P or an S. Nice try, though!

 This photo is taken through with my phone through a 10x loupe from Harbor Freight! Looks like this worked out reasonably well.

1924 Wheat Cent
1924 Wheat Cent found Coin Roll Hunting

Saturday, October 26, 2013

10/26/2013: 2002 S Proof Kennedy Half Dollar Find!

I know it's been a while since I've updated this blog with some of my recent coin roll hunting finds, but I've been continuously searching the coins and setting them aside. Maybe I'll get a chance in the upcoming days to go back and update with some photos and stories behind some of them.

Today, I stopped off at one of my primary branches where I do my banking and did the normal searchnig questions asking if they had any half dollars or customer rolled dime rolls. To my surprise, they had a box of halves in stock -- which is very out of the ordinary for them since to my knowledge they do not order coins for people. Either way, they had $300 in rolls that were going to go unclaimed so I swooped in and eagerly grabbed them up.

They turned out to be yellow machine wrapped halves and I didn't find any silver. I did get a really neat 2002 S Proof Kennedy Half Dollar, though. This one is one of the less valuable clad varieties but it's always nice to pull S proofs out of circulation. Too bad it's got pock marks!

I've ordered $1000 more in half dollars from one of my favorite banks for next week so let's wish me some good luck.

2002 S Half Dollar Kennedy Proof coin
2002 S Clad Kennedy Proof Coin