Sunday, April 12, 2015

1798 Draped Bust Cent - Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector!

Ok, so this isn't exactly Big Game Coin Roll Hunting, but it does have coins and it's pretty awesome so I figured my visitors would like it.

I've been super busy with grad school and working so I haven't had any time to get back into the CRH world, but it's on the horizon. Trust me on that one.

Here's an awesome metal detecting find that made a few years ago. I found it near the treeline at one of my apartment buildings that I was living in while I lived in upstate NY. It's a 1798 large cent!

 I found it about 8 inches down, which is a bit outside of the accurate range on an Ace 250 - the signal was incredibly weak. Copper is quite reactive so it's pretty heavily corroded from hundreds of years of rainfall. I posted what a mint condition one looks like for reference - you can see the features on the one I dug up! Not gold or silver, but so far my best metal detecting coin find and an awesome piece of American history!  Imagine, the USA was less than 25 years old and George Washington was still alive when this coin was minted!

The coin was heavily damaged so I traded it for a Silver Certificate and a few silver coins from a good friend, so not only did I get an amazing metal detecting find but I also got some cool silver coins!

1798 Large Cent found Metal Detecting!
1798 Large Cent

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