Saturday, October 26, 2013

10/26/2013: 2002 S Proof Kennedy Half Dollar Find!

I know it's been a while since I've updated this blog with some of my recent coin roll hunting finds, but I've been continuously searching the coins and setting them aside. Maybe I'll get a chance in the upcoming days to go back and update with some photos and stories behind some of them.

Today, I stopped off at one of my primary branches where I do my banking and did the normal searchnig questions asking if they had any half dollars or customer rolled dime rolls. To my surprise, they had a box of halves in stock -- which is very out of the ordinary for them since to my knowledge they do not order coins for people. Either way, they had $300 in rolls that were going to go unclaimed so I swooped in and eagerly grabbed them up.

They turned out to be yellow machine wrapped halves and I didn't find any silver. I did get a really neat 2002 S Proof Kennedy Half Dollar, though. This one is one of the less valuable clad varieties but it's always nice to pull S proofs out of circulation. Too bad it's got pock marks!

I've ordered $1000 more in half dollars from one of my favorite banks for next week so let's wish me some good luck.

2002 S Half Dollar Kennedy Proof coin
2002 S Clad Kennedy Proof Coin

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  1. I love silver halfs. Someday you will hit the jackpot like I did last week. I bought $50 in halves from my bank. They were self rolled so I wasn't optimistic about getting any silver. Boy was I wrong. I got 97 silver coins out of those 5 rolls!! 3 clad, 72 40% silvers, and 25 90% silvers. I was so excited I started filming it after my first two rolls with my I-Phone!! Best score of my life on Silver halves.