Sunday, April 14, 2013

CRH 4/14/2013 : $160 Mixed Search

Today I made a trip to one of my favorite pick up locations -- they're always so excited to see me! Apparently the tellers need to count their coins each night before they leave, and every time I visit them I'm able to take a pretty good amount of their inventory away. We always have such a good time when counting out my awkward coin orders. Today's spontaneous order was $10 nickels, $10 in pennies, and $140 in dimes to round it out.

I was only able to get a lowly single silver dime out of the $140, but was able to find 7 Wheaties out of my pennies. Nickels were a total skunk, but other than my Nickel Book, I only keep key dates and silvers anyway.

Coin Roll Hunting results 7 wheat pennies and a 1953 silver dime
Wheat Cents and Silver Roosevelt Dime found Coin Roll Hunting 4/14/2013

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