Thursday, August 15, 2013

CRH 8/15/2013 : Bill Roll Hunting? 1969C $50 Star Note!

So you all know this is really a coin roll hunting blog, but I always ask for cool and interesting money when I'm in a bank since you'll never know what the bank teller has in their drawer if you never ask. Usually I get shown a bunch of gold dollars or maybe even a few $2 bills, but just a few days ago a teller told me she had all of those "and some old bills that you might want to take a look at". Turns out she's starting to set the cool things aside for me and youngster (about 10 years old the story goes) who also collects. That's awesome that young people are picking up interest in this hobby!   (I say this as a 24-year old...)

She showed me a bunch of things, mostly of inconsequential value or interest, but I did grab one of her $50 bills. It's a Series 1969C Star note with a small-ish serial number that starts off with 2 zeroes. There are 2 numbers under the black mark.

Unfortunately, it also has a sizable tear so I'm doubting that it's actually worth anything over $50 but it does make a cool little story. Why can't I ever have nice things!?!? All of my silver coin finds are dirty and all of my bills have tears but I guess getting circulated money is sort of the gig in both coin roll hunting and bill roll hunting?

Anyone have ideas on the value of this thing?

Circulated 1969 C $50 Star Note Found at a Bank
Circulated 1969 C $50 Star Note with a lowish serial number - doubt any value over face!

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