Tuesday, August 20, 2013

08/20/2013 : Foriegn Coinstar Finds!

I always try to make a habit of checking the Coinstar machines whenever I pass by them. This is partly because I'm super cheap and the idea of finding free money appeals to me and partly because of the possibility to find some interesting or valuable coins. In the past I've found US silver coins like Mercury Dimes and silver quarters hanging out in the reject slots of Coinstar machines.

Today I found some foreign coins that were in the reject slot. I don't really know much about foreign coinage, so I'm going to post these around on some of my online communities to see if someone might be able to shed some light on them.

From my very quick and brief research, the Yi Jiao coin is apparently 1/10 of a Chinese Dollar, called the Yuan (¥). I do have a very large Asian population in my city so this makes sense that it might slip into someone's coin jar.

 1 Jiao (角) = 1/10 Yuan(¥) . The Yuan is the Chinese Dollar.

1 Yi Jiao Coin Dime from People's Republic of China
 2007 Yi Jiao Coin -  1   1 Jiao (角) = 1/10 ¥ (the Chinese Dollar)

Unfortunately, I don't know much this other coin, but it sure looks cool! Let me know if you have any information on it.


  1. It's a Thai 1 baht coin

  2. You are correct; It is a Chinese ten cents coin, or what I like to call a "Chinese Dime".


    1. BTW, it stainless steel.


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