Tuesday, August 13, 2013

CRH 8/13/2013 : First Silver Half Dollar Ender!

I've finally found a bank that will allow me to coin roll hunt half dollar boxes without too much trouble. Luckily, I have very easy access to three of their braches, all within a comfortable walking distance of my home and work. I started an account with them a few weeks ago (mostly just for their convenience as a source bank for dimes and other coins) and I was very happy  that they had no problem ordering half boxes for me. This is the same branch that I got my last set of Brinks half dollars from and found a 1968 silver half, but I'm NOT going to share the name of the company so don't even ask!

This box was no different in that I found a silver but I also hit the first of a common coin roll hunting dream: the sought-after silver ender! It's even cooler that it's a half dollar roll. In all of my time searching dimes I have yet to hit an ender of any interest.

The 1967 silver JFK half dollar ender I found is very dirty, especially on the border of the JFK features. For some reason my luck is always getting me these incredibly dirty silver coins when I search through rolls. Yet free silver is good silver and I'll take all of it that I can get. That's 2 silvers in 2 boxes that I've picked up from this branch so this is working out VERY well for me by CRH standards.

That's 20 40% silver half dollars found coin roll hunting and my 48th total silver for the year (since April)!

1967 Silver Half Dollar Ender Roll From Searching Bank Coin Rolls!
1967 40% silver ender roll find!

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