Saturday, August 3, 2013

08/03/2013 : Saved Some Silver Dollars!

Well, not real silver dollars. I was at my dump bank, which is now a very convenient walking distance away, returning all of my sorted coins from the past few weeks of hunting when an older man came up to me and asked if he could use the machine. Being the super-smart coin roll hunter that I am, I let him go ahead of me to drop his coins in. Then, I spotted them. There were some big honking coins he was putting in, along with a handful of half dollars and gold presidential dollars. I didn't have the heart to ask him if I could search through all of his coins, but I did ask him to sell me any of the Eisenhower silver dollars that he had and was able to grab 4 before they went into the machine. I bet there were some other cool things that simply slipped away for another coin roll hunter to find sometime later!

Eisenhower silver dollars found from another customer at the bank
Eisenhower Silver Dollars are no longer very common in circulation
The Eisenhower silver dollar is a 31.8mm diameter dollar coin, making it the same diameter as both the Morgan and Peace Dollar series; the true silver dollars. The Ike silver dollar actually doesn't contain any silver at all (at least in business strikes - a 40% silver proof coin was also made) so it's not worth more than face value. However, casual collectors often have an interest in these larger-than-normal and rarely seen circulating coins and they can be sold for a very small premium.



  1. Whoa. Haven't seen one of them

  2. I really like the Ike dollars but no one has them for me when I go in to look for them.

  3. The Ike Dollar is 38.1mm in diameter, not 31.8mm. I (look) like Ike.

  4. The Ike Dollar is 38.1mm in diameter, not 31.8mm. I (look) like Ike.

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