Thursday, August 15, 2013

Coin Roll Hunting is Profitable! You CAN Make Money!

I’m really into coin roll hunting. It’s by far one of my favorite hobbies and I definitely enjoy blogging about it and sharing the secret with you all. I’m also pretty active on a number of forums that cover the topic and it seems that I’m always at odds with people that claim that coin roll hunting isn’t worth the time it takes to do, you can't make money coin roll hunting, and it certainly can’t be profitable. This pot was only further stirred by my blog post on here entitled “Is Coin Roll Hunting Worth It?”, which caused a lot of readers to reach out to me on the many forums with challenges. Even today I was pulled into a discussion where the profitability of coin roll hunting was attacked. To put it bluntly, those who are not profiting are just not doing it right. So, I’m determined to present my model for coin roll hunting, which works for me and may work for many of you. It also won’t work for many of you. That’s the luck with this sort of thing, and without moving or dedicating a prohibitive amount of time there’s actually nothing you can do.

Obama Change political cartoon parody
Get it? This about change!

   1. Location, Location, Location!

Cityscape yellow urban environment
First, let me talk a little bit about where I live which probably the single biggest factor contributing to the profitability of my coin roll hunting and ultimately how this is all able to make money. I live in a moderately-sized urban city. We have professional sports teams. We have a pretty strong dedication to tourism. We have skyscraper corporate bank locations.We also have a large older population of people, many immigrants, who worked their way up in the world and are now passing their estates onto the next generation. Sure, all of these things may contribute to better finds which certainly leads to better profitability, but  the single biggest key to success based on location is the infrastructure that all of this commerce necessitates in the community. There has to be enough businesses and storefronts to support of all of these people and that means that people need to make change.

There are probably between 50 and 60 bank branches that are within a comfortable walking distance of where I live and where I work. I do all of my coin roll hunting activities on foot by walking to branches that are conveniently located to wherever I am at the time. I never have to drive to any of my banks and this really cuts down on the main cost that a coin roll hunter will bear from their hobby. If I have a particularly heavy load to drop, I just make the 4 minute walk multiple times in the same day. If one teller seems tired of me that day, I just move onto another branch. Simple!

The competition between these branches also makes coin roll hunting very easy. All of the small businesses like food markets, drug stores, and souvenir shops in the market districts get their coins from these branches so any coin orders a hunter would like to add on is just “another” dime box that they’re ordering for their many buisness customers. I sometimes have to wait in line when I'm dumping my coins into the counting machines as the business members dump their weekly till. (This is also a great time to scout coins -- Is that a silver dollar right there?) The banks around don’t really complain about providing coinage because they don’t want to lose you to the bank next door (literally, it's right next door).

Even better, much of the public transportation is free (well, our tax dollars fund it!) since the city wants to ease up much of the car traffic in the city, so this makes traveling to banks even easier. Just hop on and go to another region to a whole new set of tellers who have no idea why you want a box of pennies - all free of charge.

Exploit the natural strengths of your location.

    2. Never, EVER pay a fee for coins or to return them 

Coinstar charges a 8.9% fee. This will not end well.
There’s no reason to ever pay a fee to get coins to hunt or to return them. The expected value of a box over its face value is much lower than the fee that I’ve heard of banks charging, typically between $5 and $12. Coinstars are good for finding coins in the reject slot, but almost never to return them. Trust me, you won’t stay profitable for long paying fees like their 8.9% rate. Many banks are willing to provide coins at no additional charge as a convenience to their customers and many others even offer a free coin counting machine that will save you a load of time and money on the dump.

If you don’t have access to a machine, rolling isn’t really that bad if you plan ahead and always have paper rolls available. Remember – banks will almost always give you paper rolls for free so NEVER pay for them, either!

Avoid fees at all costs and hunt aggressively for banks that won’t charge fees!

  3. Find other channels for revenue 

I’d like to think that my posts and stories of hunts and results are entertaining or at least semi-informative. But, that’s not the only reason why my site exists. Companies are willing to compensate me for the exposure they get from my readers. This just adds to the earnings from this wonderful hobby. Fortunately, having a blog isn’t the only way to generate additional revenue! Entering into various banks very frequently helps to keep the coin roll hunter informed of promotional offers that banks have available, not to mention the customer rapport that develops. I really think that a lot of offers have made their way to me based on my frequent interaction with the tellers. Just this weekend I was asked if I wanted to talk to the financial consultant at the branch since he had some new and interesting promotions to share with me.  Making more money with my money – isn’t that the goal of profitability from coin roll hunting!?!

The finds aren’t the only funding! Find the other types!

Final thoughts:
Coin roll hunting is profitable for me, but as you can see a lot of it is really just where I’m located and how I’m able to exploit my environment to make money. I also utilize my coin roll hunting hobby to launch other profitable ventures that just grow the earnings from this hobby even when I’m not searching. Many of these tips may not be possible where you’re located, but you might be able to use these tips to your benefit in your own environment and ultimately make some money by coin roll hunting and remembering your 5 Magic Words for Free Silver Coins. Those bags of money sitting around won't just be just full of zinc pennies anymore!


  1. Very nice post. I've seen you around on the internet and you're always talking about coin roll hunting is making you money. Great to finally see you flesh that out.

    Sad to live in a 4,000 person town in WY so maybe that's why CRH is so bad in my area.

    Continued Luck!

  2. Coinstar isn't always a bad choice. Currently they offer the option of avoiding the fee if you take your payout in the form of a gift card/certificate for certain retailers or restaurants. I've been looking at getting into CRH, and I'll probably feed at least some portion of the coinage into Coinstar to finance Christmas shopping on Amazon.

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