Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What's the Best Bank for Coin Roll Hunting?

Today I opened a brand new bank account. For Coin Roll Hunting. Yes, that's right. Coin Roll Hunting. Otherwise, the features of the bank are pretty miserable. They're closed pretty much all of the times that I'm outside of work. Their fees for overdrawn accounts and other bank "services" are quite high. But, they don't charge for coin rolls and I never plan on using the account other than as the best answer to "Do you have an account with us?" when I ask for more coins than I reasonably have an excuse for.   ( A quick aside -- my personal favorite excuse is "I work a lot of flea markets / yard sales" or "This is for a 'Guess How Many Coins are in the Jar' fundraiser" )

That got me thinking, "What's the best bank for coin roll hunting?".

Since I live in an urban environment my answer may be a bit different than yours if you coin roll hunt in a small town or if you're looking for silver in the suburbs.

My answer is "The closest bank you can find (that doesn't charge fees for coins, of course!)."

Realistically speaking, most banks are going to be approximately equal for silver, errors, or interesting coin varieties, so the specific bank you select isn't too critical as far finds quality. Coin roll hunting is a numbers game and part of that is frequently churning through coins. That means going to the bank a lot. A whole lot. Closer banks are easier to make it to every day.

This bank is located a 3 minute walk from my workplace and I'm pretty sure I'm going to hit them up for many times my balance within the first few weeks. It's all gravy after that.

Do you have any bank accounts just to get you more banks to coin roll hunt?

Side note: I got over the $4,000 mark today. $26,000 to go in order to meet my $30,000 search goal!

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  1. you have a bank just for coin roll hunting? i only use my one bank so i guess that's why i never find the cool stuff you do?

    i want to find even some of the things you get