Tuesday, June 25, 2013

CRH 6/25/2013 : Proof in the Nickels!

I've been trying to mix it up a little bit and get some variety in the coins that I'm searching, so you might start seeing more posts about the nickel and penny roll hunting that I've been doing.

I do my best to hit the nickels, but I almost never find anything worth sharing with you guys. I am currently working on a completing a Whitman Jefferson Nickel book entirely from coin roll hunting and I do occasionally find coins for it, but they usually aren't too special -- for example, I did fill my 1954 S nickel hole today. Since starting this blog, I haven't found a silver war nickel! Talk about a bad streak! 

Today, I was only able to get my hands on $10 in nickel rolls from my bank and even that was harder than it should have been since they were running low on their coin stocks. 3 of the 5 rolls were customer wrapped rolls (CWRs) so that was pretty promising. I dug into them and found a super shiny 1982 nickel that caught my attention. Then, I noticed the S mintmark upon closer inspection. This is officially my first proof coin that I've ever found coin roll hunting! It has some scratches so it's unlikely that I can get any real premium on it but free proof coins are never a bad thing. That makes me wonder how many proofs I may have been missing from edge-hunting the other denominations. Nickel roll hunting forces you to closely look at all of the obverses and reverses, so you have a better shot of noticing these cool rarities. Proofs are one of the few cases of NIFC nickels!

Here's an iPhone photo of my 1982 S Proof nickel that I found searching nickel rolls!

1982 S Nickel Proof Found Coin Roll Hunting while searching nickel rolls coin roll hunting finds NIFC
1982 S Nickel Proof Coin Found Coin Roll Hunting

How often do you guys find proof coins while coin roll hunting?


  1. sweet find dude. neat proof

  2. I found a proof quarter once

  3. Thanks, James! Have you ever found a proof?

  4. Nope. My best nickel is some of the silver war nickels I've found.

  5. I found a 90% silver state quarter (S mint mark) doing CRH. We filled our state quarter folder, got started on a national parks quarter folder (and my coin shop tells me the national parks are currently NIFC), and scored the nice 90%er statey. That was by far the best CRH experience I've had as a newbie just 4 boxes in. The silver state quarter doesn't have a special finish, but it has that silver tone, no copper sammich, some tarnish, and rings like a bell when dropped. I was SHOCKED to find a silver that wasn't pre-65!