Wednesday, May 29, 2013

CRH 5/29/2013 : Wheats and a Cud Error Penny!

Today I went to my local source bank, which has been getting weaker as the days go by. I used to go by and they'd have hundreds of dollars in coin rolls for me. Now, they're down to the bare bones when it comes to the rolls they have available. Occasionally they mention that some other people have been picking up larger amounts of coins, too. Another hunter may be about! I'll have to keep a closer watch over my coin roll hunting grounds.

I was only able to get $50 in dime rolls and $10 in penny rolls. How weak! I hoped something good was in them!

The dimes were unimpressive. No silver coins to be found today.

The penny rolls were considerably better. I pulled quite a few wheat cents, all from the 1940's and 1950's. Those are very common in CRH so pretty typical, yet better than average wheat results. An even cooler find was the incredibly shiny brilliant uncirculated 1955 wheat cent! It's easily the best condition wheat cent I've ever pulled from a penny roll. I imagine coins like this must have had a pretty cushy life to survive almost 60 years without any bad signs of circulation or corrosion. It sticks out like a sore thumb on my wheatie shot below:
Wheat Cents Found Coin Roll Hunting 1955 BU Wheat Cent 2013
CRH Wheat Results 5/29/2013 1955 BU Cent!

But the best part is still coming! I found this little gem in one of my rolls as well. He's a little worn, but he's easily the best find of the day.

1981 CUD Lincoln Cent Found Coin Roll Hunting 5/29/2013
1981 Cud Error Lincoln Cent Found Coin Roll Hunting in a Penny Roll!

It's a 1981 Cud Error Lincoln Cent! I'm not exactly an expert in error coins, but I did some quick research on how cud errors are made and it seems pretty straightforward. A cud error coin like this is caused when the die that is used to strike the obverse breaks under the many hours of use. The following coin strikes with the broken die are defective and a blob of extra metal is left in lieu of the die pattern. While a Cud can be faked or unintentionally replicated, the presence of weakness on the reverse in the same location indicates that this cud error is likely authentic!

My first obvious coin error found coin roll hunting! That totally made this hunt worthwhile since this is one of my best coin roll hunting finds!

By chance, does anyone know how much this cud error coin is worth?


  1. Congratulations on that 1955 BU cent ! Are you going to keep it for yourself ?

  2. That was the plan. Not sure if it's something that's reasonably sellable. I might just throw it in a 2x2 with my cud!

  3. Awesome cud find! I'd never see that one but its so great that you did

  4. its prolly like 10 bucks on the auction sites

  5. Nice! I wish I could find a cud!

  6. @James -- keep looking and you might find one