Sunday, May 12, 2013

CRH 5/12/2013 : Mediocre Results, but a Milestone!

Today I hunted a variety of coin rolls:
  • $15 in penny rolls
  • $50 in nickel rolls
  • $100 in dime rolls
  • $60 in half dollar rolls
Sadly, my only special finds were a handful of wheat pennies from the penny rolls. Two were from the 1930's, but they're not particularly valuable other than looking pretty cool and going in the wheat jar. I also got a handful of 2011 NIFC* Kennedy Half Dollars in the half dollar rolls.

Today I passed the milestone of $3,000 in coins searched since 4/10! It feels awesome to look back and think that I've touched and searched almost 26,000 coins since that day. That's 10% of my goal completed in about a month.
Wheat penny finds from coin roll hunting penny rolls wheatback wheaties cents
My wheat penny finds from searching penny coin rolls

* NIFC = Not Intended For Circulation

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