Thursday, May 23, 2013

What's a NIFC Coin?

If you've spent any time reading through the stories of coin roll hunters (as you're doing right now), you've undoubtedly come across people saying that they found some NIFC coins. This sort of language is particularly common among the half dollar coin roll hunters. NIFC stands for "Not Intended For Circulation" and includes many different types of coins that were not released as generic business strikes for everyday use including proofs and business strikes of coins from series that were essentially discontinued from "normal production", such as the Kennedy Half Dollar. Although new 50 cent coins have been being produced each year, they've been produced as NIFC since 2002 with the normal Philadelphia (P) and Denver (D) mintmarks. Collectors can purchase the newly minted half dollar coins in bags or rolls directly from mint at premium. However, they often make it into circulation and make semi-desirable coin roll hunting targets!

2012D Kennedy Half Dollar Coin NIFC Coin Roll Hunting CRH
2012 D  Kennedy Half Dollar NIFC coin

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